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What you need to know

What files are accepted?

We accept timecoded or non-timecoded audio & video files in any of the following formats: .mp4 .mov .wmv .avi .mpeg .mxf .mp3 .wav .bwf .wma .aac Video files should preferably be LowRes.

How do I get my files to you?

Files can be sent in one of the following methods: 1. Using a 3rd party host e.g WeTransfer, Dropbox. 2. Using our secure Wickens Media FTP site. 3. In some circumstances we are able to download direct from your server. 4. Hard-drives and DVDs can be sent to our Surrey office, see contacts page for full address.

What type of timecode are accepted?

We can read the following timecodes: 1. BITC - Burnt in timecode 2. LTC - Linear timecode 3. BWF - Timecode metadata 4. MP3 ID3 - Data tags 5. MXF - Embedded timecode 6. Time of day timecode

How long is my data saved for?

Scripts are deleted after 6 months, Audio/Video material after 2 months, unless requested otherwise.

How are my scripts returned?

The vast majority of scripts are safely delivered via e-mail. If you have a different system in place we can work with you to ensure that the scripts are delivered securely.

Is your data secure?

We use a HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connection to ensure the sending and reciving of data though email is safe. Additionally, we use a fast and secure cross-platform called FileZilla Client for uploading footage, which supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Furthermore, our Network is protected by Windows 10 comprehensive, built-in and ongoing security protections, which includes the trusted Windows Defender Antivirus and firewall. All PC’s and laptops in both offices are password protected.