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1. File Formats

Video - We accept many different video file formats, including the following: MP4, Compressed with a H.264 video codec with AAC audio, Quicktime (.mov), Flash Video (.flv) WMV, MPEG, AVI, DivX, Sony MAX proxy files


Audio - MP3 (128khz best) either mono or stereo, broadcast WAV (BWF). WMA, WAV.  Timecode can be embedded or burnt in or LTC recorded onto 1 channel


DVDs accepted


2. Sending files over the internet.

We can download files from your multimedia platform or your FTP sites. Alternatively you can send Wetransfer / yousendit links to info@wickensmedia.co.uk


3. Uploading to Wickens FTP site

Single files - We will email you a link and personalised login details to our FTP site


Multiple files - If you are uploading multiple or large files, we recommend using an FTP Management software program, such as FileZilla or Yummy.


4. What format will the document be returned to me?

Documents are sent via email as word documents.


5. Will my Script be timecoded?

Timecodes come as standard, If there is a timecode embedded in the clip we will find it. If there has been no timecode recorded, a counter timecode will be added to the script.


6. Is my material Safe?

YES. Our policy is to treat the content of all material as strictly confidential. We are very used to handling very sensitive material. Everyone in our organisation has signed a Confidentiality Agreement, safeguarding the content of your material. See our Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions.





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